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Let your dog come over!

We are not your 'usual' canine day care.  Actually, we are not even a day care.  

We are a day camp, completely outdoors, all year round with fresh, clean, West Michigan sun, snow & rain.

One of our most unique offerings is our complimentary transportation to and from camp for your dog!  


Is your furry family member at home all day while you are gone, unable to get out to relieve himself or burn off some of that excess energy??   

Is he bored, destructive or both?   Would your pup enjoy a regular dose of valuable socializing time? 


Red Rover, Red Rover could be your answer!  


While you are gone, your dog can enjoy the comforts of home until it is time to board Rover 2 for our complimentary ride to and from camp. From that point on, its nothing but fun!  A mid-day dose of exercising & socializing with other dogs in a safe, supervised environment.   


Check out our site for more details and please do not hesitate to call or shoot an email our way with any questions you might have. 


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